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Spring Water Depot provides self-serve spring water that has been imported from a spring in Northern California. We also provide self serve distilled water in Reno. As the only business in northern Nevada that provides bulk distilled water, we are proud of the pure and natural products that we are able to offer to our customers at an affordable price.

Our company has locations in Reno, Fallon and Dayton, Nevada. We have customers from Verdi, Stead, Lemmon Valley, Sparks, Fernley and Carson City as well as other neighboring cities fill up their own sanitized bottles at our three locations. We invite you to purchase our bottled water and taste the difference in purity you have been missing with other brands.

Spring Water Depot– Self Serve Water Vending -serving Northern Nevada since 1935 (as Crystal Springs Water Company from 1935-2008) 3 locations in Northern Nevada: Reno, Fallon and Dayton.

All of the vending machines are set to dispense water into one gallon, three gallon or 5 gallon containers. Each vending machine has 2 spigots/ vending areas. Example: Put in a $5.00 bill, put 2 five gallon clean sanitized bottles under the spigots, push the 5 gallon buttons, and the water will fill your bottles in less than 2 minutes. The machines accept $5.00 and $1.00 bills, and coin. Price is $.50 cents per gallon at all locations. All locations provide pure delicious spring water – delivered from Baxter Water in Baxter California, by an approved water hauling company, BJJ Company. Reno also provides distilled water- manufactured on the premises.

Reno, 895 S. Center Street on the NW corner of S. Center and E Taylor St (water Reno)
Drinking Water Reno and Distilled Water Reno
Six double vending machines, 4 with great tasting spring water, two with distilled water . In Reno, there are also two bill changers that will give quarters for $1.00, $5.00, $10.00 and $20.00 bills.

Fallon, W. Williams Street, next to Subway and The Depot Casino
Water Fallon
Two free standing kiosks, with two vending machines in each, spring water only. The spring water holding tanks are located in the closest rail car. They hold over 10,000 gallons.

Dayton, 100 Douglas Street, next to the S & S Deli
Water Dayton
One free standing kiosk, with a free standing holding tank next to the kiosk. Two vending machines in the one kiosk, 2 spigots each -like above.